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Program Updates

Update on Re-Opening for the 2020-2021 School Year

Update: 7/28/20

We apologize for the delay in providing registration information, but the health and safety of our students, staff, and families are of utmost importance.  Extended Day is working with our local school districts to develop plans with the day care needs of our families in mind.  When the 2020-2021 school year begins in El Dorado County, the school day may look different from previous years due to new COVID-19 health and safety measures.  Extended Day will continue to collaborate with our school district partners to tailor programs that fit each district's reopening plan.  Due to the complexity of this, we do not have a clear picture of what we will be offering.  We hope to have details very soon, so please check our website often for updates.  Thank you for your continued patience and support!


Extended Day Summer Program 2020

We are excited to announce that our summer program will be opening soon. Although the program will look and feel a bit different, we will continue to offer a fun, high-quality summer program, including opportunities for students to participate in enrichment activities, engage in outdoor recreation, and interact with peers. The health and safety of our students, staff, and community will remain our top priority and will include specific safety protocols to mitigate the spread of germs, including daily screening and temperature checks, enhanced cleaning procedures, encouraging proper hygiene practices, and utilizing social distancing measures between groups. We look forward to seeing you and your students this summer!

All summer requests for enrollment are to be completed by logging in to your online account through the Parent Portal. If you are an existing account holder, but don’t currently have an online account, you may set one up by using the Payments/Account Information Quicklink at the right side of this page. If you are new to the program, having internet access issues, or need assistance, please call our office at (530) 295-2298. The summer program is available to students in K-8th grade, who are enrolled in and attending a public school operated by an El Dorado County School District.

Program Lottery Deadline: Monday, June 8, 2020 at 5:00 p.m. 

Due to safety guidelines limiting the numbers of students, placement will be determined by a lottery system, with priority to essential workers.

Dates & Locations: June 15 - July 31, 2020 at three locations: 

  • Sierra School in Placerville - 1100 Thompson Way, Placerville 

  • Pleasant Grove School in Rescue - 2540 Green Valley Road, Rescue 

  • Silva Valley School in El Dorado Hills - 3001 Golden Eagle Lane, El Dorado Hills 

Hours of operation: 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday

Rates/Fees/Minimum Usage:

  • $4.60 per child/per hour*

  • 25 hour weekly minimum

  • $35.00 per child materials use fee

  • $50.00 account deposit

  • $25.00 Account Activation (for new accounts)

*We are forced to raise rates to ensure we address current safety guidelines, including smaller group sizes, limiting the number of students served, and providing additional cleaning.

If selected, parents/guardians will be sent a confirmation email by 5:00 p.m., Wednesday, June 10th. The use fee, account deposit, and Account Activation fee (if applicable), along with the Student Enrollment/Emergency Form, June calendar, and program agreement are due no later than 5:00 p.m., Friday, June 12th. In addition, all accounts are required to be paid current to utilize the summer Extended Day program. If payment is not received, the enrollment will be cancelled, and placement will be offered to the next student on the priority list. 

Students who are not selected will be placed on a waitlist in priority placement order.                                                                     

Enrollment cancellation requests must be made no later than 5:00 p.m., Friday, June 12th, by calling the Extended Day Office at(530) 295-2298.

Health and Safety Protocols - Summer 2020

Under current conditions with new guidelines for COVID-19, we have developed practices and procedures under which our childcare program can reopen by helping maintain a safe environment. These include intensive training for staff, daily screening and health checks for staff and students, enhanced cleaning, and monitoring of students throughout the day. 

Arrival and Daily Check-In Procedures:

Each site will have a clear system in place for parents/guardians to follow to ensure a safe and steady flow of drop off and pick up procedures. Check in/out will occur outside rooms in designated locations. 

Upon arrival students and staff will wash hands/use hand sanitizer, be given a visual health screening, and Parents/guardians and staff will also answer a daily health screening questionnaire. Any person answering yes to a question on the health questionnaire will not be permitted to stay. Students' and staff will be monitored throughout the day. If during the day students show signs of illness, they will be isolated from others, will be given a mask to wear, and parents/guardians will be called to immediately provide pick up. It is vital that all parents/guardians keep their immediate emergency contact information current and keep their children home if they are ill. If during the day staff show signs of illness, they will be sent home to self isolate. 

Health Screening Questionnaire:

  1. Do you or your child live with anyone or have you or your child had close contact with anyone with a prolonged cough, fever, flu-like symptoms or been diagnosed with COVID 19 in the past 14 days?

  2. Do you or your child live with anyone or do you or your child have a fever, cough, and/or shortness of breath? For children and adults, fever is 100.4 degrees.

  3. Do you or your child live with anyone or do you or your child have any other signs of communicable illness such as a cold, flu, rash, or inflammation? 

  4. Do you or your child live with anyone or have you or your child experienced diarrhea or vomiting within the past 24 hours? 

What will arrival and departure look like?

To ensure social distancing, there will be clear and visible designated areas for arrival/departure with staff present during main drop-off and pick-up periods. Students will be guided to their proper assigned group and/or authorized parent/guardian. It is requested that the same parent/guardian drop off and pick up whenever possible. If a staff is not present in the drop off/pick up area, parents/guardians will be required to call in for a staff member to come out and assist. Instructors will complete student check in/out processes.

Are parents or visitors allowed?

For the time being school facilities are to be protected space. Parents/guardians should not enter rooms or activity areas where students and/or staff are present, remaining in the designated area where check-in/out procedures take place. No visitors will be allowed, assuring our commitment to the health and safety of the students. 

If a student or staff member at morning intake has a temperature or answers “yes” to any health screening questions, how will you proceed?

The student or staff member will not be allowed to enter the facility. They will be instructed to go home, self-isolate, and advise their primary care physician or pediatrician. Extended Day Administration will be notified and contact Public Health and School District Administration of current circumstances to determine if any further action is needed. Extended Day Administration will follow up with any additional steps with parents/guardians if necessary. 

What if a student or staff presents with fever or sickness during the day ?

Each site will provide a designated isolation area, away from others, in the event that a student exhibits symptoms of a fever (100.4 F or higher), coughing, or other illness, after arrival.  The parent/guardian will be contacted to provide immediate pick up for their student(s). Until picked up, the student will remain in the isolation area, be given a mask, and remain supervised accordingly. If staff begin to exhibit any symptoms during their workday, they will be immediately sent home. 

How will proper hygiene be maintained?

Staff will teach and model handwashing with soap and water for 20 seconds, to cover coughs and sneezes, and avoid touching their face. Signs regarding health and hygiene will be posted in locations where students and staff are present. Staff will wear gloves during the health screening process, when cleaning, and when attending students for medical care. 

Are masks required?

Parents/guardians may send a mask with their child(ren); however, they are not required. Staff will wear masks. 

What about students who have medical or other conditions, will they be required to provide a Doctor’s note?

Parents of students with any medical or other conditions are recommended to consult with their family physician/pediatrician for guidance regarding participation at registration. The implementation of daily screening will address current health status and/or needs. Following normal program guidelines, if a student is absent due to any medical/health condition for 3 or more days, a doctor's note will be required for continued participation. 

How can students be helped to adjust to these changes?

Students are resilient and quickly adapt to new situations with the proper support.  Staff will provide emotional support and guidance for students by providing information on the reasons behind the need for masks, social distancing, and cleaning protocols. Staff will have honest discussions with students, and mayengage students in activities that will allow them to deal with their emotions in positive ways. 

Are emergency protocols still the same?

Emergency protocols will remain the same, with the exception of the new guidelines being implemented and described in this document. Communications involving site emergencies (power outage, etc.) and/or closures will be communicated through our Parent Square messaging tool.  

Structure and Distancing - Summer 2020

Students will be placed into groups based on age/grade. There will be 12 or fewer students per group daily, identified by color coded wristbands. As much as possible, the same students and staff will be in the same group each day. While it is unrealistic to prevent all student contact/intermingling, group activities will be coordinated to avoid mixing of groups, and environments will be arranged to help students and staff maintain social distancing between groups. 

What if students want to move to another group or site?

The safest practice is to keep the same students and staff together as much as possible, but if special circumstances arise, staff and Extended Day administration will work together with parents/guardians to consider options.

Can students play together and share toys?

Students within a group may play together and share toys. Staff will monitor and provide guidance to ensure safe interactions among students. Each group’s toys, manipulatives, or other shared items will be sanitized at regular intervals throughout the day. 

What items are students allowed to bring inside the classroom? 

Toys and materials will be provided for student use, and items from home are not to be brought to the program, with the exception of necessary items (lunch, snack, water bottle, sunscreen, jacket, etc,), which will be kept separate from other students' belongings.

What about students' meals and snacks? 

Students are to bring a lunch and water bottle every day, clearly marked with the student's name. Please do not send lunches that need to be heated or refrigerated. An afternoon snack will be provided by the program; however, students are always welcome to eat their own food brought from home. Students will be reminded to wash their hands before and after eating and not to share food or drink.Staff will clean and disinfect tables, both before and after meals. Parents should do their best to clean and disinfect any meal/beverage items that students bring into the classroom daily. 

Can staff incorporate communication via phone, text, FaceTime etc.?

There will be times when staff need to contact parents/guardians. Individual contacts will be made by phone, with wider notifications to go out through Parent Square. Parents/guardians will be given both the Extended Day site and office phone numbers so they can make contact if needed. 

What are the consequences for a student who will not follow the safety guidelines?

Discipline policies remain in place. Students will be taught and regularly reminded of current rules and expectations. Site instructors and Extended Day administration will work with parents to address concerns, to take appropriate steps to stop any unsafe behaviors, and to develop plans to address students’ individual needs.

Cleaning & Disinfecting - Summer 2020

Enhanced cleaning and disinfecting procedures will be in place. Staff will be trained to clean and disinfect throughout the day, targeting high touch surfaces and items and materials that may be shared (between uses). Custodial and Extended Day staff will provide additional cleaning and disinfecting at the end of each day.All cleaning and disinfectant products used are EPA approved, deemed safe in areas used by children, and will be stored appropriately. 

Support - Summer 2020

If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us:

Extended Day Main Office           ……………………………………………………… 530-295-2298  

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Program Video

We are excited to share our new program video!  Take a peek inside our-high quality programs and hear from students and parents about their Extended Day experiences.