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Rates and Fees

Registration Fee

$30.00 deposit per child

$20.00 use fee per child

$25.00 account activation fee will be required to activate your account if you are new, or if there is no use for one year.

Fees are non-refundable and due at the time of initial registration.

Registration is online ONLY

Hourly Rate

Billed on a quarter hour basis as follows:

  • $3.95 per hour, per child for scheduled
  • $4.35 per hour, per child for flex 


Minimum Monthly Requirements for the School Year:

  • 30 Hours per month for the first child on the account.
  • 15 Hours per month for each additional child on the account.

Minimum Weekly Requirements for Winter Recess and Summer Programs:

  • 20 Hours per week for every child on the account.
  • Selecting individual weeks for service is required.

Minimum requirements are prorated for some months based on the number of days the site can be open.

Every calendar will show the minimums for that particular month.

For scheduled calendars, at least half the minimum MUST be scheduled to submit the calendar.

For Flex calendars, one calendar at the start of service for the school year is require for each child. Each month after you will be automatically billed the minimum for the month and no further calendars need to be submitted.

Monthly attendence is required. After 60 days of no attendence children will be autommatically dropped from the program. Should you wish to re-enroll call the Extended Day office to be added to the waitlist. 

Unused hours will not be credited, refunded or switched to another day/time.

Late Fee

All children are expected to be picked up by site closing time. If a child is picked up after closing time, for any reason, a $5.00/quarter hour, per child late fee will be billed. There will be no warnings or exceptions. If there are more than three late pick-ups, the late fee will increase to $10.00 per quarter hour, per child, and will remain at the increased rate indefinitely for all children on the account.

Continued late pick-ups may lead to dismissal from the program.